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About Miracle A/S:
Miracle A/S is thought of as one of the country’s (Denmark, and maybe even the world’s) leading companies when is comes to expertise on database centric platforms.
With our deep knowledge of the possibilities and limitations on both SQL Server and Oracle platforms we can take care of problems right from the lowest level of the technology stack and all the way up to, and including, the program logic and behaviour.

Project Description
SQLSTAT2005 is a data collection and a data warehouse service based on SQL Server 2005 DMV and DMF performance views and functions. This product will help in doing response time analysis of your SQL Server 2005 instances over time.

About SQLSTAT2005:
The SQLSTAT2005 tool is a result of my efforts doing response time analysis on SQL Server 2005. I have been using it for quite some time now with great success at many customers and hope you will to.

Versions supported:
All versions of SQL Server 2005, including Express!!

The following features are available in this release:
• Fully adjustable sampling rates and data collection sizes.
• Response time analysis for both batch and individual statements
• Resource utilization analysis for CPU, MEMORY and DISK.
• Fully extendible drill-down reports

- Raoul

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